Zebra Tales

JP '25

Hometown: North Andover, Massachusetts

Groton activities: Football, hockey, lacrosse

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: I was surprised by how tight-knit the community was. By the first couple of weeks, I knew basically everybody at the school. Being so close to everybody offers a great sense of comfort.

Favorite class: Though I've taken some great classes, I would say my favorite has been Honors Chemistry with Mr. Lamarre-Vincent. Even though the course work was pretty rigorous, there was never a dull moment in class. Mr. Lamarre-Vincent would always find entertaining and often bizarre ways to demonstrate difficult concepts. Each week we went into the lab without having to worry about reports or data, but simply to experiment and have fun. The highlight of the year was constructing chemically powered bottle rockets, one of which we managed to send onto the roof. The class also taught me valuable note taking and studying skills.

Most memorable Groton moment: My most memorable Groton moment was my first Surprise Holiday announcement. On an average fall night in Second Form, I was in the Schoolroom for evening study hall when one of our school prefects ran in dressed as a leprechaun playing music from a speaker, announcing that there was no school the next day. We all ran out onto the Circle, where the rest of the school had gathered for friendly dorm competitions. It was nice to be relieved of work during the week to spend a night of fun with everybody.

Favorite Dining Hall food: The Dining Hall chocolate-chip cookies are some of the best cookies I've ever had. 

Favorite place to study:
I like to find an open classroom in the Schoolhouse that I can study in. It's quiet enough to get work done, but I'm still close enough to find friends to talk to in the Schoolhouse if I need a study break.

List of 6 news stories.

  • That’s the Spirit

    As the winter approached its end, it was time for everybody’s favorite week of the term: Spirit Week.
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  • Holiday Hockey

    Once a year, the school comes together in the Chapel to celebrate the holiday season with Lessons & Carols. Students, teachers, and families gather to share this holiday tradition and sing festive hymns. But before we could do that, the boys’ varsity hockey team had a challenge to face.
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  • Packed Parents Weekend

    On our small Circle, you would never expect the campus to be teeming with as much energy as it was on Parents Weekend.
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  • Roll Zeebs

    After a long and grueling preseason, the Groton Football Team was primed for the first game of the season.
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  • Pre-season’s Upon Us

    About a year ago this time, I was not a football player, nor did I ever expect to be. My football experience consisted of schoolyard pick-up and Sundays spent watching the Patriots win Super Bowls (sorry, not sorry). I grew up playing soccer in the fall, and shaped into a decent goalkeeper. I figured it would be my fall sport of choice through my high school years. I even found myself on varsity during my freshman year at Groton, though my (lack of) talent kept me on the bench behind the starting goalie, who would go on to become one of my best friends. Despite being surrounded by great people, there was something about soccer that felt off. I wasn’t connected to the sport the same as I was with lacrosse or hockey. 
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  • Zebras in the Wild

    For me, the conclusion of the school year signals the start of a long summer of my favorite sport: lacrosse. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a stick in my hands, which means countless summers devoted to traveling to various tournaments and events. I’ve spent hours upon hours in the car (though some have been lost to much needed post-game naps), to the point where I could probably tell you exactly how long it takes to get from Boston to most major cities on the East Coast. However, the images of long stretches of highway are trumped by the joyful memories of lacrosse.
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